Discover the Efficiency of Wall Mount Fiber Patch Panels

Unlock the potential of your network infrastructure with SGOPTIC innovative Wall Mount Fiber Patch Panels. Engineered for versatility and reliability, these panels are tailored for environments where space is limited and organizational efficiency is critical.

Key Features

Space-Saving Design: Mount directly on walls to maximize floor space in data centers, telecom facilities, and industrial settings.

Durable Build: Crafted from premium materials to ensure longevity and protect fiber optic cables in rugged conditions.

Easy Installation: Streamlined setup and maintenance procedures for quick deployment and minimal operational disruption.

Versatile Connectivity: Compatible with LC, SC, ST, and MTP/MPO connectors to integrate seamlessly into diverse network setups.

Effective Cable Management: Built-in features to keep cables organized and maintain optimal signal integrity.


Telecommunications: Facilitate seamless connectivity and reliable network operations.

Industrial Networks: Ensure robust connections in demanding industrial environments.

Enterprise Solutions: Optimize network performance in office and campus settings with scalable, space-efficient solutions.


Enhanced Reliability: Maintain network stability with secure fiber connections.

Cost-Effective: Minimize maintenance costs and downtime with durable, low-maintenance panels.

Flexible Scalability: Easily expand your network infrastructure as business needs evolve.

User-Friendly: Simplify installation and management tasks for improved operational efficiency.

Experience reliable telecom patch panels with easy installation and versatile connectivity for enterprise fiber solutions.